We are Derek and Naomi Stoller, the life behind Gutteraffe Services.  Whether it's in the office or at your home, you will be working directly with us. 


Derek developed his entrepreneurial spirit and love for small business at a young age. At nine years old, his parents helped him start a small vegetable patch which he quickly developed into large scale garden raising produce to pay for college.  


Naomi is also no stranger to the life of small business. She was raised in a family who successfully owns and operates two businesses. During her childhood she could be found learning the ropes of small business and has spent countless hours developing the skills needed for success.


In 2017, we fell in love and were married the following year. We had both experienced first hand the excitement of owning our own business and the satisfaction of providing a quality service to customers. Gutteraffe Services was born out of our long term dream to become successful entrepreneurs, serve our community, and build a trusted business that would last a lifetime and beyond! 

We look forward to serving you as we rise to meet your needs!